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Denver Junction Honey is produced by hobby beekeepers, Kev and Jacqui Winks, from our Apiary at the old Denver Railway Station, Downham Market, Norfolk.  Our Apiary is in 4 Acres of woodland surrounded by several hundred acres of wildflower meadow.  We start selling honey from the start of the honey-flow in late May or early June and continue until we sell out of that season's stock, usually in December. Honey, is sold from our front gate at £5 a Lb Jar or £3.00 for a 1/2Lb Jar.  It is also available, during the honey-flow, through local shops and farmers' markets, at the same price.

Products Currently Available


The following products are currently available.  Watch out for us at local markets or call in at our home:



1 Lb (454g) Clear Honey from a late summer crop.  £5.00.

8 Oz (227g) Clear Honey from Spring or summer crop.  £3.00

Two 8Oz  (2 X 227g) jars of mixed Clear Honey, from spring and late summer,  in a presentation case.

Various ornamental candles made of pure beeswax.  Various prices.

Ingot of Bees wax weighing approx 33g.  £1.00 Each.

We are located at:

The Railway Gatehouse

172 Sluice Road

Denver;Downham Market

PE38 0EG

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If you have any queries, or would like a swarm dealt with in the local area please contact us:

Tel:  01366 382991

Mob: 07724188224


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